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This section last updated on 11 Aug 2000

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The number of available emulators continues to grow at a surprising rate; there are now a total of 105 emulators (if you include each incarnation of the multi-platform ones). As ever, if you know of one not listed here, please tell me about it!. So far every single update of this FAQ since September 1996 has had new emulators included! I have heard of Speccy emulators for the Amstrad CPC (possibly called ZXEmu and emulating only a 16Kb Speccy and by Andy Wright/Betasoft) and the Enterprise but have no details on them. Any info very welcome.

Authors, where known, are in (brackets) after the name of the emulator. PLEASE don't bother these guys asking for an emulator; there are plenty of places to get the emulators from, and I list example addresses.

The features of each emulator are listed in the following set order:

  1. Emulation: 48/128/+2/+3/Multiface/Disciple/Interface 1/etc.
  2. Loadable formats - e.g. .SNA, .Z80 etc.
  3. Saveable formats.
  4. Real tape loading - type of support offered.
  5. Requirements - video, processor etc.
  6. Speed.
  7. Status: freeware/shareware/commercial/etc.
  8. Good points.
  9. Bad points.
  10. Other comments.
  11. Site available from. Please note that these are not the only places to get the emulator from; there are many other sites, but the directories may be different. Try a WWW/FTP search for the name of the archive file if the site listed is too slow for you.
Multiface Problems

Some emulators have Multiface [128] emulation, but do not supply the Multiface ROM because it is copyrighted and the authors require a license fee to be paid. However, Z80 does include this ROM, because Gerton Lunter has licensed it. This is really a bit of a silly situation, as Z80 is freely available as shareware - so the ROM is also then freely available! You can extract the ROM from the roms.bin file; all you need to know is in the techinfo.doc file that comes with Z80. It is not something you can do without either a little programming or a small utility to extract part of a file. Not that I condone any possible breach of copyright; your use of this utility to extract the ROM is only permitted if you own a real Multiface. You would be in breach of Romantic Robot's copyright if you were to extract the ROM without owning the real thing.


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