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This section last updated on 11 Aug 2000

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[Z80 CPU] [CB ops] [ED ops] [DD/FD ops] [R reg] [Undocumented flags] [Interrupts]
[Channels & Streams]
[Hardware] [Port FE] [The 48K Spectrum] [Contended Memory]
[Interface 1] [Port E7] [Port EF] [Port F7]
[The 128K/+2 Spectrums] [Memory] [Keypad] [Sound chip]
[The +2A/+3 Spectrums] [Memory] [Disk drive]

In addition to reading this, if you are interested in lots of technical information about various aspects of the Spectrum and how to emulate it, you are strongly advised to read the documentation accompanying Gerton Lunter's Z80, in particular the techinfo.doc file. Many other emulators also include useful information in their documentation.

This section is based on Gerton's techinfo.doc, with major contributions from Marat Fayzullin, Ian Collier, Sean A. Irvine (Channels and Streams), Pera Putnik (Port #FE and the differences between Issue 2 and 3 Spectrums), Pedro Gimeno (Contended memory timings & lots more), Jose Luis Sanchez (+2A/+3 contended memory timings) and Sean Young (Undocumented flags) & more). Others contributing information include Alvin Albrecht, Mac Buster, Damien Guard, Erik Kunze, Joe Mackay, Malyrules, James McKay, Joseph S. Myers and Rui Ribeiro.

Due to its large size, this section has now been split into four pages:


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