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This page last updated on 28 Aug 1999

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1 emulator listed:

[Sinclair Spectrum Emulator]

Sinclair Spectrum Emulator 4.0 (Palmtop BV)

  1. Emulates 48K and 128K Spectrum with Kempston joystick.
  2. Loads .SNA and .Z80 snapshots and from .TAP tape files. Also loads from .POK files to enable pokes to be activated in games.
  3. Saves .SNA snapshots and .SCR screenshots.
  4. No real tape support.
  5. Requires an EPOC32 platform (e.g. Psion 5).
  6. Slow, although version 3 apparently has much faster screen updates than previous ones. Version 3.1 running on the Psion 5mx can do 50fps.
  7. Freeware.
  8. Variable screen sizes and update rates; this does allow some games to be quite playable. No overwriting of the ROM again.
  9. Speed varies with what the Spectrum program is doing, and the black and white Psion screen can make some games confusing. Also, drains the batteries very quickly (approximately three times normal rate).
  10. Much of the above information is about the version known either as Version 0.50 Beta or Version 1.00, for which thanks should be sent to Simon Jacobs. Any updates welcome.
  11. Available from Palmtop or World of Spectrum.

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