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This page last updated on 6 January 2000

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1 emulator listed:

[Sinclair Spectrum Emulator]

Sinclair Spectrum Emulator 1.1 (Palmtop BV)

  1. Emulates 48K and 128K Spectrum with Kempston joystick?
  2. Loads .SNA and .Z80 snapshots and from .TAP tape files.
  3. Saves .SNA snapshots and .SCR screenshots?
  4. No real tape support.
  5. Requires an SH3, SH4, MIPS or ARM chip and Windows CE 2.0 or higher.
  6. Speed?
  7. Freeware.
  8. Good points?
  9. Most seriously, the 'O' key does not work! Also, loading of .Z80 and some .TAP files is buggy (the ARM version does not correctly process any tape files), and sound is not emulated on all machines.
  10. Some of the above comments from Paul Jenkinson, to whom I extend my thanks.
  11. Available from Palmtop or World of Spectrum.

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