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This page last updated on 2 May 2000

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4 emulators listed:

[Hob] [JASPER] [JX-Speccy] [Spectrum Emulator for Java]

Hob v0.9.0 (Nigel Barford)

  1. Emulates 48K Spectrum.
  2. Loads optionally gzipped .SNA and .Z80 snapshots.
  3. Saves?
  4. No real tape support.
  5. Runs on any Java 1.1 system.
  6. Slow.
  7. Freeware.
  8. Now emulates contended memory, the R register, hi-resolution colour effects and the undocumented flags, at least partially
  9. No sound.
  10. Now has Java plug-in support, and a new user interface for v0.9.0.
  11. Available from the Hob home page or the mirror.

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JASPER v1.1 (Andrew Pollard and Adam Davidson)

  1. Emulates 48K Spectrum.
  2. Loads .Z80 and .SNA files using PgUp or LOAD "snapshot name".
  3. Saves .Z80 and .SNA files using PgDn if you have downloaded the class archive.
  4. No real tape support.
  5. Runs on any Java system.
  6. Slow. V1.1 has been improved speedwise and has smaller class files so will download quicker.
  7. Freeware.
  8. Good points - well, it's a nice achievement and very portable but that's about it really!
  9. So slow... though hardly the author's fault.
  10. There is a downloadable class archive so snapshots can be saved and the emulator used without being online. Source also available.
  11. Available from the JASPER home page.

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[Updated!] JX-Speccy v1.1 (Marzio De Biasi)

  1. Emulates a 48K Spectrum.
  2. No loading?
  3. No saving?
  4. No real tape support.
  5. Runs on any Java system?
  6. Crawled on an Ultra 10 I tried it on, but that may be because I was doing something wrong...
  7. Copyright status?
  8. Good points?
  9. Bad points?
  10. Formerly known as `JX-Spectrum'.
  11. Available from the JX-Speccy Home Page.

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Spectrum Emulator for Java (James Sutherland)

  1. Emulates 48K Spectrum.
  2. Loads .SNA files.
  3. Saves .SNA files.
  4. No real tape support.
  5. Requires a Java SDK (a web browser will not do!) such as Symantec's JIT 2.0, 8Mb RAM, and a 'fast' computer.
  6. Apparently almost full Spectrum speed on a P133 with 32Mb RAM running Symantec JIT 2.0 in Win95.
  7. Freeware.
  8. Frame skip and instruction store options (the latter stores emulated instructions to greatly improve performance when they are needed again, though this causes games with self-modifying code to fail). Includes a nice-looking debugger with breakpoints, single stepping, etc.
  9. Not runnable in a web browser's Java VM.
  10. Source code available; no longer being updated.
  11. Available from Spectrum Emulator for Java home page.

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