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This page last updated on 11 Aug 2000

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2 emulators listed:

[Specci] [Speccy]

[Updated!] ZX-SPECTRUM Emulator / Specci v2.07 (Christian Gandler)

  1. Emulates 48K Spectrum, Interface 1 (Microdrives and RS232), Kempston and Sinclair joysticks.
  2. Loads .SNA and .SNX snapshots. Loads tape files from separate files on Atari disks.
  3. Saves .SNA and .SNX snapshots. Saves tape files to separate files on Atari disks.
  4. No real tape support.
  5. Requires at 1Mb of memory.
  6. Speed is around 70% (at best) of real Spectrum on plain STs.
  7. Freeware.
  8. Also runs on TTs and Falcons (in ST low/high resolutions).
  9. Bad points?
  10. All documentation in German. There is a poorly-translated version of the documentation supplied (taken from a 'Pompey Pirates' disk that had this emulator on it) with at least one of the copies on the FTP sites. A convertor for other snapshot formats is supplied.
  11. Available from NVG or World of Spectrum.

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Speccy (Hansjoerg Oppermann)

  1. Emulates a 48K Spectrum.
  2. Loads?
  3. Saves?
  4. Real tape support?
  5. Requirements?
  6. Speed?
  7. Freeware.
  8. Good points?
  9. Not as compatible as Specci.
  10. No other comments.
  11. Available from NVG or World of Spectrum.

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