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Professional Power
Sinclair Research promotional brochure, 1982

Proven pedigree

Following the world-beating success of the Sinclair ZX80/ZX81 - over 400,000 sold so far - comes the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. The ZX81 is, and will continue to be, the ideal introduction to computing - with up to 16K RAM available, and the ZX Printer. The ZX Spectrum offers even more computing capability, with colour and sound, up to 48K RAM, and high resolution graphics.

Professional power . . . more capacity . . . personal computer price!

The power of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum comes from a new 16K BASIC ROM . So, in addition to the features of the ZX81, the ZX Spectrum gives you a full 8 colours, a sound generator, high-resolution graphics and many other features - including the facility to support separate datafiles.

The storage capacity of any computer is governed by the amount of RAM. The ZX Spectrum comes in two versions - with 16K, or a really massive 48K, of RAM. Yet even the 48K RAM version costs only £175 compared to £125 for the 16K RAM model.

Many people will opt for the full 48K RAM from the outset, but if you do decide to start with the 16K version, you will be able to return your ZX Spectrum for a 48K RAM upgrade at a later date - at a cost of around £60.

A growing system

Your ZX Spectrum comes with a mains adaptor, all the necessary leads to connect to most cassette recorders and TVs (colour or black and white), and two manuals. If you're new to computing, you'll find both manuals of immense help.

Together, they represent a course in BASIC programming from first principles to advanced techniques. But if you already have experience of computers, you can skip much of the groundwork, and move straight into the colourful world of ZX Spectrum professional-level computing.

Either way, you don't have to stop there. The ZX Printer - available now - is fully compatible with the ZX Spectrum. And later this year there will be Microdrives for massive extra on-line storage, plus an RS232 network interface board.

The ZX Printer - available now

Designed exclusively for use with the Sinclair ZX range of computers, the printer offers ZX Spectrum owners the full ASCII character set - including lower-case characters and high-resolution graphics.

A special feature is COPY, which prints out exactly what is on the whole TV screen without the need for further instructions. Printing speed is 50 characters per second, with 32 characters per line and 9 lines per vertical inch.

The ZX Printer connects to the rear of your ZX Spectrum and a roll of paper (65 ft long x 4 in wide) is supplied, along with full instructions. Further supplies of paper are available in packs of five rolls.

RS232/network interface board

For around £20, this interface - available later this year - will enable you to connect your ZX Spectrum to a whole range of printers, terminals and other computers. The astonishingly low price is possible only because the operating systems are already designed into the ROM.

ZX Microdrive - coming soon

Designed exclusively for use with the ZX Spectrum,the new ZX Microdrives will revolutionise personal computing.

Each Microdrive can hold up to 100K bytes on a single interchangeable microfloppy, with a transfer rate of 16K bytes per second. And you'll be able to connect up to 8 ZX Microdrives to your ZX Spectrum. They're available later this year, for around £50.

Professional performance for only £125 - how's it done?

Quite simply, by commitment and design. Timex and ICL are adopting Sinclair technology and Sinclair BASIC under licence for future products. Sinclair is now world leader in personal computer production.

Key features of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

  • Full colour - 8 colours each for foreground, background and border, plus flashing and brightness - intensity control.
  • Sound - BEEP command with variable pitch and duration.
  • Massive RAM -16K or 48K.
  • Full-size moving-key keyboard - all keys at normal typewriter pitch, with repeat facility on each key.
  • High resolution - 256 dots horizontally x 192 vertically, each individually addressable for true high-resolution graphics.
  • ASCII character set - with upper and lower-case characters.
  • Teletext-compatible - user software can generate 40 characters per line or other settings.
  • High speed LOAD & SAVE - 16K in 100 seconds via cassette, with VERIFY and MERGE for programs and separate datafiles.
  • Sinclair 16K extended BASIC incorporating unique 'one-touch' keyword entry, syntax check, and report codes.
  • Double-manual system for the ZX Spectrum - a slim introductory manual takes beginners through to programming proficiency. Advanced manual smoothes the way through difficult, complex programs.
  • Connect up to eight ZX Microdrives to your ZX Spectrum. Each holds up to 100K bytes on any one microfloppy. Each can transfer at 16K bytes per second - with an average access time of 3.5 seconds.
  • The proven ZX printer - full ASCII character set, printing at 50 cps, with 32 cpl and 9 lines per vertical inch. Reproduces exactly what's on the screen at the touch of a button.

ZX Spectrum software: how good and how soon?

The ZX Spectrum uses an enhanced version of Sinclair BASIC, fast becoming a world standard, and unlikely to be superseded. Unique features, such as one-touch keyword entry and syntax check and report, are increasingly attracting software originators.

Building the software library is already far advanced, and a complete catalogue will be available in the next few months. Subjects will include sophisticated games, education, 'housekeeping' and business management. The more complex packages can, of course, be used to their best advantage with the full 48K RAM version of the ZX Spectrum.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum can handle sophisticated games programs with high resolution colour graphics and sound.

This major advance in computer technology maintains Britain's world-beating position in the field of personal computers.

A range of business software will soon be available, covering both specific applications (eg stock-control and payroll) and general business management systems (eg matrix models).

This second generation of Sinclair personal computers demonstrates continuing commitment. Advanced technology made the ZX80/81 family a price breakthrough: advanced technology makes the ZX Spectrum a breakthrough in price and performance.

ZX Spectrum

Available only by mail order and only from

  • Sinclair Research Ltd, 6 Kings Parade, Cambridge, Cambs., CA2 1SN.
  • Tel: Camberley (0276) 685311.

How to order your ZX Spectrum

BY PHONE - Access or Barclaycard holders can call 01-200 0200 for personal attention 24 hours a day, every day.

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EITHER WAY - please allow up to 28 days for delivery. And there's a 14-day money-back option, of course. We want you to be satisfied beyond doubt - and we have no doubt that you will be.