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  • Launched:
    December 1965
  • Price:

Micro-FM advert
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Yet another miniature radio kit was launched in 1965 - the Micro-FM. It was hailed by Sinclair as "the world"s first pocket-size FM tuner-receiver" with impressive design features: "polished and brushed two-tone aluminium front panel", "spun aluminium tuning control". "In styling," we are informed, "this is the most elegant, most professional-looking design in miniaturized equipment ever made available to constructors, and is one you will be very proud to possess."

The punters, even those hobbyists from whose ranks Sinclair had risen and who presumably shared his view that "small is beautiful", had to be given some reason to fork out the not inconsiderable sum of £5.19.6d other than the innovative circuit. Unfortunately, according to Alfred Marks, "it never worked. It did not have a proper aerial and just did not go." It is not surprising, therefore, that it was not a great success, but evidently someone must have liked it - a year later, illegal clones of the Micro-FM were circulating in the Far East.

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