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TS 2048
Timex / Sinclair, 1983 (unreleased)

The TS 2048 was Timex's second unsuccessful attempt to bring the ZX Spectrum to the US market. It was a 16K version of the TS 2068 with a built-in Kempston joystick interface and new video modes that allowed the machine to display 80 character text as used by CP/M applications. The machine was never released commercially, but a version of the TS 2048 was eventually released by Timex Portugal, as the "Timex Computer 2048" (shown above). This was included most of the features of the original prototype and was highly compatible with the Spectrum, although differences in the ROM and edge connector prevented it from being fully compatible. Timex Portugal only sold the TC 2048 in Portugal and Poland, where it was very successful.

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