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Neoteric 60

The Neoteric 60 - the name is an obscure synonym for "new, recent, modern" - was aimed specifically at the growing hi-fi market and was the first Sinclair product to be sold in the high street as well as by mail order. It was launched with a special trade reception at the Hi-fi Exhibition at the Hotel Russell in April 1968, and created tremendous interest; Sinclair took a great many orders. Its design, however, was perhaps a little lacking. Alfred Marks recalled:

It was a slim, well planned amp. It was an integrated amplifier, produced with a great array of controls using little flat tabs instead of knobs. They were good amplifiers, [but] the Neoteric's steel lid hummed like mad because it was too close to the transformer. The lid "sang", and that was another product that died a natural death.

A more fundamental problem was that the Neoteric proved impossible to build in quantity, so it was very quickly dropped from the Sinclair range.

  • Launched:
    April 1968

Neoteric 60 (33 Kb)


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