Stevo's Master WWW Page

(That's Stephen Smith -, by the way.)

This is the Master WWW Page for all my Spectrum Web Pages. Simply click on the appropriate name to be taken straight to that web page. And see if you can guess what the shots of the games are.

The Spectrum Game Database

My most ambitious project yet. The Spectrum Games database aims to be a complete tome of knowledge on every Spectrum game ever written. Look at this page and see how well we are getting on! And then help us!

Spectrum Game FAQ

Everything you didn't know you didn't know regarding the games of the Spectrum. Questions ranging from "What happened to AOTMZFECFM?" to "What on earth is AOTMZFECFM anyway?" can all be found here.

Spectrum Games you can Physically Play

If the power has gone in your house, is your computer useless? Not any more! Well, okay then, it is. But you can still re-create golden moments from the golden era of computing by following these easy-to-follow instructions.

Instant Spectrum User Course

Become an instant Spectrum user in just 3 easy steps. If you need help obtaining an emulator, or obtain some classic games to play on it, or help on how to play the classic games you've just obtained, then look no further.

Are You a True Spectrum User?

Prove that you are now a True Spectrum User with this complex and devious quiz. It even includes a large picture of The Man himself! Calm down!!

Sinclair User Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics

A copy of the booklet given away on the front of an issue of SU from around 1985. Find out what the hit games were of yesteryear (and still are now?). Note that it is not finished yet.

Great Moments in Computing

All those great moments in Spectrum computing have been collected and logged for your entertainment. What were you doing when "it" happened?

All comments accepted are accepted. Please don't hesitate to inform me of any jokes I have used more than once.

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