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Legend, 1983

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Aim of the game

As a minor deity in the home of the Norse gods, Valhalla, you must rise on the social scale by completing six quests.

Game play

Valhalla is rather like a soap opera - the inhabitants behave in their various ways and get on with their own lives without any interference from you. They all have their own characters - Loki is sneaky, Thor is violent and so on. The six quests you must complete are to find various magical objects. A clue or two may help: Finding these is far from simple and some, if discovered, must be deposited safely as you can't carry all of them together. As well as that, if you die you are sent to Hell and your objects are randomly scattered around the various locations, so you will have to start all over again. You will however keep any special objects, with the exceptions of Ofnir and Drapnir. (The same applies to the other characters). You can only have one helmet and one sword at a time, and can only carry one axe or one sword - not both together. This of course means that you can't carry Felstrong and Skalir at the same time.

As well as this you must interact with the other Valhallans, who will either regard you with favour or hostility depending upon your actions. You can offer to sell or buy objects since you have money, swords, axes, shield etc. (although these are merely ordinary, non-magical ones). Be careful - it is all too easy to start a potentially lethal fight! You can butter up characters by giving them presents - for instance, typing GIVE AXE TO THOR might make Thor better disposed towards you. You can also buy objects off characters (the local currency is the crown) with commands like BUY AXE FROM THOR FOR 20 CROWNS. If someone is reasonable friendly with you, they might help you - for instance, by doing something for you (such as ODIN GET THE RING). Some cupboards and chests are too stiff for you to open, even if you've got the key, so you'll need to rely on the goodwill of other stronger characters to get them open.

All of this activity is shown on the screen. If you type commands - for example "DRINK THE WINE" - you will see your character carry out that action. Moving from location to location is simply a matter of entering the compass point direction (N, E, S, W) and a WHERE command will list the available exits. Moving around within a location is done using L (left) and R (right). If you have a (ordinary) ring, you can use celestial ringways to transport to different locations. To enter a building, GO NORTH; you cannot however enter huts.

Other helpful commands include WHAT, which tells you what objects are present on the current screen - including anything in an open cupboard or chest - and WHO, which tells you who else is on the screen. HOW will give you a report on your current strength, while LIST will give you an inventory of your money and possessions. HELP may give you some assistance... but then again, it might equally not. PAUSE is self- explanatory, as are SAVE and LOAD (but you'll need Gerton Lunter's Z80 emulator to make use of the latter two commands). PRINT will dump events, as reported in the text window, to the printer; NOPRINT turns this off. COPY will dump the entire screen to the printer.


"An excellent program all round."


81.5% (CRASH #1, April 1984)


A classic adventure game. VALHALLA is rather unforgiving but is still not a bad game for adventure fanatics to play.


Nettverksgruppa, 5/10-94,