Instructions for

Split Personalities

(originally Splitting Images)

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.
Domark Software 1986


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor, Interface 2

Aim of the game

The idea is simple - just build up a split picture of the personality by arranging the squares in the right order.

Game play

The spinning cursor is controlled with the direction keys or joystick. At the start of the game you'll find it in the top lefthand corner under the arrow. You can make pieces of the picture or bonus items appear by pressing fire while the cursor is in this box. You'll have noticed by now that the little screen on the righthand side is lighting up as you pass over each piece of the picture. This shows the correct position for the piece that the cursor is spinning over. If you want to move a piece or item then put the spinning cursor on that particular piece hold down fire and press down whichever direction you wish to move it. Notice you can only push a piece until it either hits the wall or another square - watch out for the black cracks in the border or you're in for a surprise!

You will also notice several little doors opening and closing automatically. If they are closed, they act like the normal wall of the playing area; however, if they are open then the moving piece will disappear through the hole. If it is a piece of the picture then it is put to the end of the "queue" of pieces waiting to be brought onto the playing area. If it is a bonus item then it disappears forever. (Tip: you'll find it helpful to get rid of the pieces that are not required by throwing them out through the little doors!) When you have completed a level the computer waits until the fire button is pressed before continuing onto the next stage.

BONUSES: Each level has several items associated with the picture you are trying the create. If these are pushed together they will give you the bonus points (e.g. Ronald Reagan - collide the US flag with the USSR flag!). However, if you push the wrong items together they will both be destroyed with no bonus points being given. Some hints:

LIVES: You have three lives in the game; these are shown by the black squares in the bottom righthand corner. However, after the explosion of an item (e.g. Bomb, Fuel/Match) or if your time runs out (shown by the marker at the bottom of the screen) your lives will be decreased by one. If you reach a score of 100,000 you are awarded one extra life.

SCORING: If you complete a level within the time limit you will be awarded bonus points. Otherwise bonus points will be awarded from colliding the correct objects.


"A different, compelling and original game."


90% (CRASH #30, July 1986)


A classic Spectrum game, both fun and addictive. Nintendo certainly seem convinced of its merits, having ported it onto the Game Boy under the title of SPLITZ.


Up    - Q
Down  - A
Left  - O
Right - P
Fire  - Z to M, Space
Quit     - R + T
Pause    - H
Continue - J

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