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Ariolasoft, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

Your homeworld has been invaded by the forces of invading aliens. Flying the latest fighter, the Skyfox, you must defend your people from the alien attack.

Game play

The colony forms the combat area and is shown as a 25x25 grid, each section of grid forming a sector. The invading force consists of tanks, planes and a number of motherships which drop the enemy. All the action takes place on the grid; if you fly off it you will be warned that you are outside the combat zone, or "off colony". You have three lives and can select whether you want to start at high or low level (dogfighting or tankbusting). You have plenty of weaponry: a laser with unlimited firepower, five heat-seeking missiles and five guided missiles. Each missile must be armed before firing. When firing the missiles a small scanner appears showing the selected target and this is used to guide the missile home. You also have a shielding system that allows a high number of shots to be fired into it before it fails. Fuel is constantly eaten up by flying, so you will have to return to base at least once to refuel and rearm. The bargraphs at the side of your cockpit show the current state of fuel and shields. Other displays show a constantly updated radar map of the locality showing any alien forces nearby, the sector number you're in, a clock showing elapsed time since launch and the number of missiles left. During the game you can call up the base computer (assuming it hasn't been destroyed). This informs you of your current score, how many colonists have been killed, the number of alien craft that have been destroyed and shield status for each colony installation. You can also see a complete map of the colony which shows where the aliens are currently concentrating. A final feature is the autopilot. This saves time and energy - press it when there are no aliens around and it will fly you to the nearest aliens. If they have all been eliminated, it will fly you home instead.


"A pretty hot action flight simulator."


84% (CRASH #27, April 1986)


What was all the fuss about? Strike Commander this is not.


Up    - I or cursor             }
Down  - M or cursor             } Joystick
Left  - J or cursor             } controls
Right - K or cursor             }
Fire                            - Joystick fire

Nettverksgruppa, 5/10-94,