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Beyond, 1985

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Note : It is recommended that you play this game at about 150%-180% speed, as it is rather slow at normal speed. (A variable-speed emulator like Z80 is highly recommended.)

Aim of the game

The treacherous General Zoff has captured Ambassador Kryxix of the Empire. Unfortunately, the Ambassador is carrying the plans for a revolutionary new kind of spacecraft, the Shadowfire. With it, Zoff would be able to ravage the Empire at will. The crack Enigma team - whom you control - must rescue the Ambassador before he cracks under interrogation and gives away the location of the plans!

Game play

You have one hour and forty minutes to carry out your mission. There are three main objectives for you to fulfil: You can accomplish these tasks in any order. The game opens with the Enigma craft moored alongsie the ZOFF V. Your first task is to beam some or all of your team aboard using the abilities of the droid Manto.

CHARACTERS: Having selected your means of control (joystick or keys), you will see the Enigma team screen, showing the surviving members of the Enigma team. From left to right, the characters are:

STATUS SCREEN: When you select a character, you will see a screenful of icons. Each Enigma character has four screen: Status, Objects, Movement and Battle. The first you will see when you select a character will be the Status screen. The icons show:

OBJECT SCREEN: This screen is entered by selecting the Yellow monitor icon and enables you to manipulate objects. At the left of the screen are the objects in the same location as the character. In the middle are the objects (if any) carried by the character. Along the bottom a bar registers the weight of objects carried. On the right of the screen are the icons which allow you to manipulate objects:

The remaining icons on this screen are the Green monitor (Movement), Red monitor (Battle) and Quit. Tools are normally activated using the Activate icon; however, specialist objects such as the Self Destruct Unit may require an additional command icon. Such objects are activated using this command icon. Weapons are automatically activated in combat situations, but only if the character has a weapon held at the ready.

MOVEMENT SCREEN: This screen is entered by selecting the Green monitor icon and enables you to move characters from location to location. At left are a number of arrows. The filled arrow(s) show possible directions for the character to move. In the middle of the screen is a text descriptio of the character's current location. At right are three other icons: Red monitor (Battle), Yellow monitor (Objects) and Quit. To command a character to move simply place the cursor over any of the filled arrows and press ENTER.

You can only move a character in the direction(s) indicated by a filled arrow. Occasionally a character may refuse to respond. Either they are faced by a locked door and require a keycard or they are about to be attacked.

BATTLE SCREEN: This screen is entered by selecting the Red monitor icon and enables you to command a character to do battle. At left will be displayed characters standing in the location selected. In the middle of the screen are the attack/retreat indicators. On the right are the icons which allow you to command a character to fight or retreat:

(The eight directional arrows are used to choose the direction of attack.)

MISSION COMMAND SCREEN: This appears above the character screens at all times. It shows (from left to right) Status icons; View screen; and Character in play. The Status icons change colour according to a character's status:

The View screen will show the current location of the character, plus any other characters within sight. The Character in play screen shows the character currently in play.




"A state of the art game"


96% (CRASH #17, June 1985)


"The world's first-ever icon-driven adventure" is still quite a nice game to play, even if it is a bit shallow. It was an influential game in its day and was one of the stepping-stones towards entirely icon-driven games.


Up	- Q to P
Down	- A to L
Left	} Alternate bottom
Right	}    row keys
Fire	- 1 to 0

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