Instructions for

Robot Messiah

Alphabatim, 1985

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston

Aim of the game

On a planet in a galaxy far away, thousands of robots are being cruelly used as slaves in deep mines by greedy Androids. One day, though, a robot named SID succeeds in breaking his programming and escaping from the Androids. In a cave far underground, he meets an exiled Android called Socrates, expelled for suggesting that all machines are created equal. Realising that SID could become a Robot Messiah and liberate the slave robots, Socrates instructs SID to achieve upgrade and lead the robots in rebellion...

Game play

To start the uprising, SID must collect three envelopes, each one containing a section of a computer program. The complete program must then be input to the Androids' main computer. The envelopes are scattered around the caves across 152 flick-screens. Unfortunately, many harmful objects and creatures are to be found underground. Water, for example, is rather unhealthy if you happen to be made out of iron... You can find some useful items too - such as energy reboosters, otherwise known as sticky buns and fruit. Your energy bar will show you how much energy you have left; you have been given three energy bars (i.e. lives) to help you in your quest. To get the three envelopes, three sections of the underground system must be explored, starting with the caves. To leave them a weight must be found to place upon a pressure pad to allow entry to the next section. Moving SID over an object and pressing the pick-up key allows you to get objects, up to a maximum of three. To combat the creatures, there is a gun which you can use somewhere in the cave, although you'll also need a magazine of bullets before you can use it. There are twelve such magazines scattered around the caves. Once in the second sectiom. SID finds himself in a buggy travelling down a long corridor towards the next part. The buggy has a shield which can be activated if any cave creatures drift towards it, although this drains energy. A scanner at the top of the screen shows how far away the test centre is. Once through the corridor, you're in another room with a pressure pad. The only way out is through the door that the pad activates - without a weight, you're stuck! If you do get out of the room then SID enters the test centre. Here the envelopes must be found and the teleport activated to zap SID back into the first set of caves so that the computer can be reprogrammed.


"A passable arcade-adventure, but nothing special."


72% (CRASH #24, January 1986)


The CRASH verdict says it all... but it's OK for a quick game.


Left		- N
Right		- M
Jump		- S
Fire		- A
Pick up		- X

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