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Firebird Software, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

You must destroy the Jewel of the Seven Planets which is the power source of the Spirit of Rasputin. To reach the Jewel you must first neutralise tha eight spells that have been cast in Rasputin's name.

Game play

To neutralise the spells, you must enter the nether world of the Seven Planets - a multi-roomed labyrinth hovering in space/time. You have the magic power of your sword and shield, but their power wanes like a candle (shown at the bottom of the screen) every time you use them. Find the stones with the mark of Rasputin and by stepping on them you will replenish the power of your sword and shield. Absorb the power of all the stones in a dimension and the wrath of Rasputin's mind is manifested in the form of a creature from the dark side. Destroy this creature and it will be transformed into a spell- stone inscribed with a rune of power. These runes were cast by the Lords of Light to aid you in your quest and may be absorbed into your soul upon contact. Most of these spells are regenerative, restoring health or weapon power. The most important, however, is that of the Eyes of Heaven. This will protect you from the power of Rasputin's Evil Eyes and allow you access to the boxes that neutralise the eight spells cast in Rasputin's name. When you collect such a spell one of the four Spell Harmony Indicators in the status panel indicates the colour of the room in which your Eye of Heaven spell is active. On entering a room of the appropriate colour, the eye it contains is deactivated and you can collect the rune it defends. Once all eight runes have been collected, you will be able to collect the Jewel of the Seven Planets and destroy Rasputin's plans.


"A complex 3D game which should appeal to fans of the genre."


79% (CRASH #37, April 1986)


Rasputin is a nice-looking but ultimately rather frustrating Knight Lore clone, and is not nearly as good as that game.


Turn left     - Q               - Joystick left
Turn right    - W               - Joystick right
Walk          - O               - Joystick up
Jump          - P               - Joystick fire
Use shield    - M               - Joystick down
Use sword     - M + P           - Joystick down and fire
Pause         - SPACE
Unpause       - RETURN

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