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Hewson Consultants / Graftgold Ltd, 1987

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Cursor, Kempston

Aim of the game

Mervyn the sorcerer's apprentice has inadvertantly changed himself into a frog whilst trying to make a potion to improve his looks! Trapped in a dungeon with only evil Warlocks and their minions for company, he must escape...

Game play

You start in one of the rooms on the top level of the dungeons. Your aim is to explore each room in turn to track down the evil Warlocks, but you will also have to fight their malevolent minions. In some rooms there are also squat weapon generators which create spinning blades and other weapons to attack you. You can destroy these for extra points.

Each room lights up as you enter it. You will see the room's inhabitants and magical floor Glyphs (if any) which can be used to help you. When you locate a Warlock, leap on top of him to enter a ritual combat in which you must put the letters of the word RANARAMA in the right order before time runs out. Pairs of letters may be swapped by moving a cursor over them and pressing fire.

When a Warlock is defeated, the runes he holds are scattered to the four winds. Collect as many of them as you can before they fade and die, as you can use them to cast spells to increase your power and resilience.

GLYPHS: There are four types of Glyph:

Glyph of Power (star symbol)
Releases magic bolt which kills some or all of your opponents in the room
Glyph of Seeing (eye symbol)
Shows all rooms and doors explored so far. With the See spell, it also shows in red the position of Warlocks.
Glyph of Sorcery (triangle)
Essential for casting spells. At least 5 screens of information can be accessed using up/down to scroll through the screens. The first screen shows spells currently in use and also runes collected so far. Subsequent screens give details on other active spells and spells which can be cast using the runes collected. These can be cast by pressing the fire button.
Glyph of Travel (diamond)
A side view of the dungeon appears and you may use up/down to travel to another level, or press fire to leave the Glyph. You may not be able to return the way you came!

SPELLS: There are also four types of spells - Power, Offence, Defence and Effect. You start the game with the weakest versions of each but as you collect runes from defeated Warlocks, you may cast stronger versions. You will need these to survive in the lower levels! Bear in mind that spells should be evenly matched. A strong Offence spell, for example, makes your fire more powerful but also rapidly drains a weak Power spell so you might die from lack of power. You start the game with Psychic, the second weakest Power spell, with Mortal (the weakest) in reserve. Your power continually drains at a steady rate and if you do not succeed in replenishing it with Energy Crystals or a stronger Power spell, you will eventually fade and drop to the Mortal level. If you fail a second time on Mortal you die for good.

You also start with the weakest Offence spell (Zap), which means that some generators and creatures will need several hits to destroy. Your Defence spell (Protect) is also weak, giving you only minimal protection against attack. Your initial Effects spell (Find) enables you to locate invisible doors. If you suspect there is one in your current room, stop and press fire. Any hidden doors will then be revealed.

ENERGY CRYSTALS: You will stumble across these floating, spinning crystals from time to time. Touch them to absorb their energy and replenish your power level.




"The most innovative GAUNTLET clone."


90% (CRASH #38, March 1987)


An excellent game; one of the best Spectrum games written.


Up       - A, S, D, F, G
Down     - Z, X, C, V
Left     - B, N
Right    - M
Fire     - H, J, K, L
Autofire - W
Use Offence Spell - Fire with a direction selected
Use Effect Spell  - Fire with no direction selected
Activate Glyph    - Stand on Glyph and press fire with no
direction selected
During Combat - Use left/right to select a pair of letters
and press fire to reverse their order

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