Instructions for

Ocean Conqueror

Rack-It, 1987

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

As the commander of a submarine, it's your job to destroy four convoys, each consisting of a freighter and two destroyers.

Game play

Having selected the difficulty level (Captain is easiest, Admiral is hardest) and the weather conditions (press F if you want fog to appear), press ENTER to start the game. You start the game docked on a friendly island. The top third of the screen shows the view through the periscope, while the bottom two thirds are taken up with four windows showing various pieces of information. The left-hand window shows, from top to bottom: 1) Torpedoes remaining (the blue circles). 2) Missiles remaining (the magenta star-shaped objects) 3) Torpedoes and missiles currently loaded in the tubes. 4) Sub status - the graphic of the submarine changes colour to show the area and severity of damage. 5) Ships sunk - little graphics of the enemy casualties appear here. The central window shows: 1) BTTM - Depth of water (in feet) below the submarine. 2) PA - Periscope angle, relative to the bow of the sub; 0 is straight ahead. 3) MAGN - Magnification of the periscope (from x1 to x8) 4) BRG - The bearing in degrees, clockwise from north. 5) RDD - Rudder angle, in degrees. To the right a sign illuminates it if the rudder is locked. Initially 0 and unlocked. 6) VSI - Vertical speed indicator, showing the rate of climb or descent. To the left a sign illuminates if the radar/sonar display is set to five miles. The central bottom display is the radar/sonar display, which has a range of five or ten miles, initially ten miles. To the right of this is a display showing: 1) BTT - A graph shows battery power remaining. 2) FUEL - Another graph shows fuel remaining. 3) DPT - Depth gauge "fills up" to show how deep you've gone. 4) BLST - Angle of hydroplanes and amount of ballast on board. 5) THR - Thrust meter. 6) SPD - Speed. 7) Status lights: BATTFUEL - which is in use at the moment. ELECTRIC - electric engine running. DIESEL - diesel engine running. AIRCOMPR - air compressor running. TIME - time remaining. 8) AIR - Compressed air remaining. Your first task will be to locate an enemy convoy, indicated on the map screen. As your sub only has a top speed of 22 mph, you'll need to make use of the accelerated time feature (which speeds up the game by about 30 times) to cross the large map area quickly. Having sighted a convoy, you need to be within 1.5 miles to be able to hit them with a torpedo. The torpedoes travel twice as fast as the sub. Alternatively, you could fire a wire-guided missile, but this is rather harder to control. Once you've attacked, of course, the destroyers will be alerted. If you're on or near the surface they'll shell you; if you dive, they'll depth-charge you. Sitting on the sea bed with your engines off is a good way of fooling them into thinking you've left the area. However, you need to have enough compressed air on board to be able to blow the ballast tanks and return to the surface; if you run out of compressed air, you're stuck. Compressed air is produced by a compressor attached to the sub's diesel engine (which also recharges the batteries), but this can only be run on the surface. Underwater, you can only use battery power. You only have a limited amount of ammunition and fuel on board, so you'll need to return to a dock to rearm and refuel. The map gives the location and co-ordinates of your two docks. Docking is quite tricky and needs some practice! (Hint: going in slowly is a good idea...). You also have a time limit before the four enemy convoys cross the map and reach their destination.


"The best submarine simulation in the fleet".


77% (CRASH #45, October 1987)


A very good (and tough) arcade-style submarine game.


Throttle up			- Q
"	  down			- A
Rudder left			- 5	}
right			- 8	}
Hydroplanes up			- 7	} Joystick controls
Hydroplanes down		- 6	}
Fire missile			- 0	}
Fire torpedo			- 9
(Fire torpedo			- 5	- Kempston only)
Missile up			- 7	}
"	 down			- 6	} Joystick controls
Missile left  *		- 5	}
"	 right *		- 8	}
* Pressing fire (0) turns faster
Toggle ballast inlet valve	- W
"      "    outlet valve	- S
Toggle radar range		- R	(5 or 10 miles)
Increase periscope mag.	- P
Decrease     "      "		- O
Periscope left/right 		- 1/2 	(faster with CAPS SHIFT)
Toggle diesel/electric engine	- B
Air compressor on/off		- V
Rudder lock on/off		- 4
Toggle map			- M
Toggle time acceleration	- SYM SHIFT
Toggle motor sound on/off	- N
Pause				- H

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