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Ocean, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

Talos, a giant artificial asteroid, travels through space leaving havoc in its wake. At its helm is the evil mega-criminal Cyrus T. Gross, who (as usual) wants to be Overlord of the Galaxy. The few remaining free planets turn in desperation to the mercenary Nemesis Organisation and hire a Nemesis Organisation Mobile Attack Droid (NOMAD) to try to penetrate Talos' defences and destroy Gross...

Game play

The game is played from a side-on plan view in the maze of tunnels under Talos' surface; four levels full of heavy defences have to be negotiated before NOMAD reaches Gross. NOMAD has twin cannon to use against Talos' defences. It has a control system rather like that of the ship in ASTEROIDS - you need to rotate to the right direction and then apply thrust to move. However, NOMAD has a good deal of inertia, so caution is needed!

Gross has well fortified his asteroid with numerous guns and missile batteries. Other dangers include magnetic walls which attempt to trap NOMAD, and kamikaze robotic guards. Gateways activated by switches mounted in the walls of the complex connect the sections of the asteroid. Brushing against the switches generally opens doors, but the maintenance droids are less than efficient and some switches don't open the right doors!


"A neat game".


79% (CRASH #26, March 1986)


A simple enough game, a little reminiscent of SABRE WULF.


Forward thrust		-  R, U
Backward thrust		-  D, J
Rotate left		-  Z, M
Rotate right		-  X, Sym/Shift
Fire			-  5, 7

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