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Mastertronic, 1987

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston

Aim of the game

The object of the game is to clear all the screens of the invading Space Nasties by manoeuvring your ship across the solar base and "bumping off" (literally!) those you're unfortunate enough to encounter.

Game play

The Bad Guys take many forms and they're a pretty hostile bunch. Some are however considerably harder to get rid of than others, due to their greater mass. However, colllecting the power-ups you come across will provide you with the greater power you need. These are of two types: "Jump Parts" and "Power Parts" (marked "J" and "P", respectively). Power Parts increase your engine power, to enable you to combat more massive opponents, while Jump Parts enable you to fly across gaps in the solar base. When you land, the tile you are on will crack and if you jump on it again, the tile will disintegrate completely - not very healty fo
Nettverksgruppa, 5/10-94,