Instructions for

Jack The Nipper

Gremlin, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

Jack the Nipper is the epitome of naughtiness - the naughtiest kid in town. Now he's trying to set a record for naughtiness. Can you ensure that he does it without getting busted?

Game play

JTN has a fair amount of arcade adventure elements - to bump up the Naughtyometer's rating you'll need to perform certain tasks. There are about twenty of these, but they're not that easy to do; quite apart from working out what to do and how to do it, the various other characters around the town will do their best to hinder you. Parents and shopkeepers will do their best to catch Jack, and ghosts will also pester him - although these can be exorcised with a well-aimed peashooter shot. If Jack collides with another character, he'll get a thrashing which will increase his nappy rash rating (shown at the bottom right of the screen). Too much rash and he'll be "self-spanked off" (a la Andrew Beckwith...) and lose a life.


"An excellent game".


93% (CRASH #30, July 1986)


An interesting, and graphically neat, arcade puzzle game.


Left		- Z
Right		- X
Up		- O
Down		- K
Fire		- 0
Enter door	- ENTER
Jump		- Up + Fire
Shoot		- Direction + Fire
Pause 		- H (toggles)
Quit		- Q

Nettverksgruppa, 10/9-94,