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Quicksilva, 1985

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston

Aim of the game

GLASS is supposed to be a flight simulator designed to train you for a very specific task - the planet Hygon has been taken over by some unpleasant aliens. They have built three citadels which act as bases for further military expansion. The citadels are heavily defended and only an ace pilot - you, hopefully - would stand a chance of destroying them.

Game play

For much of the game the action takes place on the Plains of Hygon, the "Glass" of the title - an area reflective, flat and devoid of anything save Hygon droids. There are three types of these - a spongy bouncing one, a patrol droid which throws bombs of some sort at you and a lobber droid which pops up from the horizon and fires at you every now and then. Two other hazards also face you. Enemy ships cross the screen from time to time - you have to shoot them, of course - and you must fly across some of the more interesting parts of Hygon at low level and high speed, avoiding the obstacles in your way. Eventually, if you survive that long, you will get to the citadel and automatically nuke it. You're equipped with two rapid fire lasers centred on the screen, so aiming is done by moving the craft from side to side. Points are awarded for hitting enemy targets. There is an infinite lives option but in this case the scores from each mission are not cumulative - you won't reach the heights of the high score table by cheating...


"An excellent and very pleasing shoot-em-up."


82% (CRASH #18, July 1985)


It hasn't aged very well - GLASS is a distinctly mediocre game now.


Left	-  O
Right	-  P
Fire	-  Z to M

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