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Hewson, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

Deep in the once-beautiful land of Torot, Sir Galaheart is setting out on a perilous quest - to seek out the sacred Firestone and return it to the Dragon's safekeeping. However, the Firestone is in the hands of the Evil Queen, who had seized it and used its power to curse the land with fire and ghostly apparitions who now drift the streets in ghastly imitation of the once-happy inhabitants. At one time the people had roamed freely but now they cower in their homes. Her price for the release of the Stone is for some brave warrior to win for her the four charms of eternal youth...

Game play

As well as the ghosts which Sir Galaheart must dispel there are a host of characters for him to meet and trade with:
  1. Peasants know the villages and forests well although they may be slow-witted.
  2. The Gatekeepers at their Toll Houses can arrange travel, for a fee.
  3. Herbalists can also help with travel if you buy a Timescape spell from them.
  4. The Witches and Wizards have spells available for you to buy. (The Dragon's teeth may be of use).
  5. Knights can sell you weapons for you to use against the ghosts
  6. The Wise Old Man is a useful source of information, as are the Hermits, rumoured to live in the forests.
  7. The Bishops tend to be quick and greedy so it pay not to try and cheat them!
  8. The Reeves administer justice and may be helpful if treated with respect.
  9. Princess Eleanor is held captive by the Evil Queen and may look kindly on those who are trying to help her.

STATUS: At the top of the screen you will see your status bar. From left to right, this shows your score, your lives left, your energy left (the heart), your weapons left (the stars) and your bartering energy left (the cross).

BARTERING: When you enter a house you may trade with the occupant. Place the cursor over an icon and press fire to select it. To cancel a selection press fire a second time. The ribbons at the edge of the screen distinguish, by their colour, similar characters - Green Witch, Red Witch etc. The icons on the screen are divided into several groups. On the left are Galaheart's current objects. In the centre left of the screen are the types of service available:

  1. Scales - trade an object.
  2. Signpost - find out where you are.
  3. Timescape (star) - cast a spell to a magic place
  4. Portcullis - pay a toll to pass through the house
  5. Supplies (head) - buy food, weapons or trading tokens
  6. Information - find out how to accomplish your quest
Each occupant provides one or more types of service. Select the type you require and between one and four of your objects which you are prepared to trade in exchange. If your payment is sufficient the occupant will make an offer by displaying a suitable icon on the centre right of the screen. If you wish to complete the deal select the icon displayed.


"If arcade adventures are your scene, then get a load of this!"


91% (CRASH #35, December 1986)


A large arcade-adventure with some really nice graphics. Be warned, though - it's hard. I've had it for five years and haven't finished it yet!


Left    - O
Right   - P
Up      - Q
Down    - A
Fire    - M

Nettverksgruppa, 10/9-94,