Instructions for

Into The Eagle's Nest

Interceptor Software, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston

N.B. 128K enhanced - extra music & effects on emulated 128

Aim of the game

The Second World War is at its height. Six key German divisions are in your area - the main force is believed to be quartered in the fortress codenamed "Eagle's Nest". Three saboteurs sent to destroy the Eagle's Nest have been captured. The third managed to set up a network of explosives at key points throughout the fortress, but was captured before they could be detonated. It is up to you to rescue them and destroy the Eagle's Nest...

Game play

Eagle's Nest is a superior Gauntlet clone which is probably better than Gauntlet itself. It's played in a similar way - a top-down shoot-em-up maze game. Collect keys to open locked doors, and find boxes of ammo to refill your gun. You will also need to use the food and medicine boxes to restore your health. Some wooden doors can be blasted open. However, if you wander from level to level you'll find that all the doors you opened are shut again, so it's a good idea to do one level at a time. You will also find various pieces of the Commandant's art collection lying around (very careless!). Collect these for extra points.


"A first rate game with some original touches."


82% (CRASH #39, April 1987)


An enjoyable blast with surprisingly good graphics for a Spectrum. It appeared briefly at full price on the Atari ST and Amiga.



Nettverksgruppa, 5/10-94,