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Dun Darach

Gargoyle Games, 1985

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.



Aim of the game

The legendary hero Cuchulainn [pronounced somewhat like koo-kullen] is returning with his faithful charioteer, Loeg [that's LURG], from a futile and bloody battle with the Conachta. They are waylaid by Skar the Sorceress, ally of the Conachtmen, who kidnaps Loeg and carries him off to the city of Dun Darach. Cuchulainn vows to rescue him...

Game play

Your main objective is to find and free Loeg. You will have to complete several secondary quests before you finally reach Skar and her prisoner; there is, however, no set route to solve the Quest.

THE CITY: Dun Darach has a complex layout and the street and buildings are continously mapped by the progam. You will notice the following sub-divisions:

THE PEOPLE: Although there are some single-minded individuals - the shop-keepers, for instance - the streets are full of independent characters with their own personality and agenda. Many of them will have something which you will need, like specific objects or information, and all of them are open to bribery, either with money (usually a large amount!) or by some object which they themselves desire or need. You cannot be killed in Dun Darach, but beware of pickpockets!

CURRENCY: The unit of currency in Dun Darach is the Iridi, small gold coins. These can be gained in a variety of ways:

You can also dispose of them in several ways:


"An excellent game which has a lot of scope coupled with a brilliant scenario and graphics."


97% (CRASH #18, July 1985)


Even by modern standards, a superb game. Its prequel, TIR NA NOG, is being converted to the PC.


LEFT/RIGHT         - Alternate bottom row keys
ENTER A DOOR       - ENTER key
CAMERA LEFT/RIGHT  - Alternate second row keys
PICK UP/DROP       - Alternate third row keys
SELECT OBJECT      - 2,3,7,8,9
PAUSE ON/OFF       - 5

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