Instructions for

Convoy Raider

Gremlin, 1987

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston

Aim of the game

The seas are filled with enemy ships and submarines - and it's your job, as commander of a brand-new warship, to make the seas safe for shipping again...

Game play

A map screem shows your position, marked by a flashing white circle, and that of the enemy in the area, while a compass and speed readout help as navigational aids. A highlighted inset in the map shows a land-sea overview. Meanwhile, three radar screens show the position of enemy aircraft and missiles, surface shipping and submarines. An on-screen alert indicates the proximity of enemy forces. An enemy base on the map is indicated by a flag of the Rising Sun and from here waves of attacking aircraft will threaten your ship. Against all this, you do have some weapons to back you up - Seawolf and Exocet missiles and submarine-hunting helicopters. Wire-guided Seawolfs can destroy aircraft and anti-ship missiles, whilst Exocets are themselves anti-ship missiles. Having fired one, four video screens appear - the largest shows the view from an on-board camera (a la Gulf War), and the others show such things as remaining flight time and height above sea level. If flown too high, the Exocet's signals can be jammed and control lost. Deployment of the Exocet is in two stages; first, the missile is flown to the target's last known position and once there, a target silhouette on the horizon can be chosen. Missiles must be reach their target before the flight time expires (otherwise they'll just run out of fuel and drop out of the sky!) To attack underwater, an anti-submarine helicopter can be used by stationing it above the sea's surface, seen as a 3D map showing the seabed underneath. The chopper drops depth charges which explode at a depth determined by the position of a moving arrow at the moment the charge was dropped. The submarines can fire back though with anti-aircraft missiles, and if too many hit the chopper it'll be destroyed. Any damage to the ship itself is indicated by a red section on the ship's silhouette on the map screen. This damage can be rectified by docking with a repair ship. A flag symbol on the map screen indicates its position which is changed when repairs have been undertaken.


"An interesting collection of games that doesn't quite add up to a great game, and with limited appeal".


56% (CRASH #43, August 1987)


A curious but rather uninspiring little game - and not a particularly accurate naval simulation, either!


Left	- Z
Right	- X
Up	- L
Down	- .
Fire	- ENTER

Nettverksgruppa, 10/9-94,