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Ocean, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

Based (very loosely) on the Sylvester Stallone film of the same name, Cobra must protect top model Ingrid Knutsen from the thugs of the evil Night Slasher. Cobra has decided to take out the Night Slasher's forces before they can do Ingrid any harm...

Game play

Cobra must protect Ingrid from the Night Slasher's rather strange troops, including huge bouncers with sunglasses, mad knifemen and women with bazookas (?). To begin with, he has no weapon and must head-butt his opponents into oblivion. You will however find weapons concealed inside hamburgers (??), anything from daggers up to laser- sighted machine guns. However, the tougher your weapon is, the more numerous the opposition will get - so be warned! Each weapon will only last for a limited amount of time, as shown by the rubber duck in the bottom of the screen (???). This is steadily eaten away as the weapon is used up. Once it is gone, you will have to resort to head-butting again. There are three levels in all, each progressively harder. In each you must protect Ingrid (the innocent-looking woman in the dress) from the bad guys; she usually turns up when you have a good weapon or are doing particularly well. She'll stay with you unless you shoot her, in which case she runs off. Any contact with the bad guys loses you a life unless you have Ingrid with you, in which case she'll disappear, leaving you to find her again.


"The best "hard guy" game there is."


93% (CRASH #35, December 1986)


A simple, mindless but enjoyable game with some nice touches of odd humour - for example, the Duckometer and a Murder (rather than Fire) key!



Nettverksgruppa, 10/9-94,