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Julian Gollop, 1985

Instructions taken from "The Rebelstar Collection" Players' Manual by Julian Gollop (1991), with additions by Death and Ian Coates (


Julian Gollop has kindly agreed to this game being made Public Domain. Anyone is freely allowed to duplicate and distribute this game for use in Spectrum emulators. It is requested that the identification of Julian Gollop as the author of this software is not removed and the code not altered. E-mail me (OKTUP@MONO.CITY.AC.UK) for further details.


'Chaos' is a battle between 2 to 8 wizards, any or all of which can be computer controlled. Most spells are used to summon creatures which are controlled by the casting wizard. Other spells have a variety of different effects. The popularity of this game resulted in 'Lords of Chaos', which adds many aspects to the basic concept of magical combat.

Starting the game

Select the number of wizards to participate and select the level of any computer controlled wizards (from 1 to 8). For each wizard enter a name, computer or human control, a character shape and a colour. 'Chaos' is played in a series of game turns. Each turn is played in three phases; the spell selection phase, the casting phase and the movement and combat phase.


       A D     All move in the appropriate direction

       S       Selects an creature/wizard
       K       Cancel movement/ranged combat
       I       Show Information/stats on creature
       1-8     Highlights creations of wizard # (1-8)
       0       End your turn


To move something, select it with S and then press the direction keys to move it as desired.


In order to attack an enemy creature you must move into it. If your creature is able to fly then you can do a ranged attack by placing the cursor on top of the enemy creature (or you can move into it as before). Success depends on the attackers combat rating compared to the defenders defence rating with a random factor involved. Some creatures have ranged combat (ie if they carry weapons - see chart below) which occurs when the creature has finished moving. Move the cursor to the target and press S to fire. The target must be in line of sight.

Main menu:

Examine spell
Tells you creature/attack stats and chance of it working
Select spell
Obvious really. On the select spell screen each creature has a symbol next to it: As more Law(Chaos) spells are cast, the % chance of a Law(Chaos) spell working in the future increases. Neutral spells have no effect either way. The lighter the colour the name of the spell is, the higher the chance of it working. The overall state of the world is indicated by the number of symbols on the main option menu. The more symbols, the more Chaos/Law the world is (ie if it was (*****) then the world would be very chaotic and it would be worth considering trying to cast a real red/green dragon).
Creatures can either be created as real creatures or illusion creatures. Illusions have 100% chance of working but are destroyed by the disbelieve spell. Real creatures have a chance of failing, but are unaffected by the disbelieve spell. Other than that the two work the same.
Look at board
Use it to see what's in range of a spell/what's attacking you. Press I to examine a creature. Press 0 to return to menu.
Goes to next player
You get one round where everyone casts a spell then a round to move/attack in. If you are player one then you get to cast your spells and move first. The last player is at a disadvantage that he can be attacked before he has a chance to move, but has the advantage that illusion spells can be cast without the risk of being disbelieved for one turn (useful for dragons). Some spells need to be cast at a target - attack spells need an enemy creature, create spells need a square adjacent to your wizard. Press S to cast the spell.

Undead creatures can only be attacked by undead, magic weapons or attack spells.

When you've moved all you want to press 0 or TAB to end turn.



                         Undead    Flying    Rideable  Armed     Spell

Bat                                  X                           Chaos
Bear                                                             Law
Centaur                                         X       Bow      Law
Crocodile                                                        Neutral
Dire Wolf                                                        Chaos
Dragon, Red                          X                  Fire     Chaos
Dragon, Gold                         X                  Fire     Law
Dragon, Green                        X                  Fire     Chaos
Eagle                                X                           Law
Elf                                                     Bow      Law
Faun                                                             Chaos
Ghost                      X         X                           Chaos
Giant                                                            Law
Giant Rat                                                        Neutral
Goblin                                                           Chaos
Gorilla                                                          Neutral
Gryphon                              X          X                Law
Harpy                                X                           Chaos
Horse                                           X                Law
Hydra                                                            Chaos
King Cobra                                                       Law
Lion                                                             Law
Manticorn                            X          X       Bow      Chaos
Ogre                                                             Chaos
Orc                                                              Chaos
Pegasus                              X          X                Law
Skeleton                   X                                     Chaos
Spectre                    X                                     Chaos
Unicorn                                         X                Law
Vampire                    X         X                           Chaos
Wraith                     X                                     Chaos
Zombie                     X                                     Chaos

Object spells

Magic Wood (Law)
Computer places approx 8 magic trees near your wizard. If you put your wizard in a magic wood tree and leave him there, he gets a new spell after a few turns.
Shadow Wood (Chaos)
Allows you to manually place approx 8 shadow trees near your wizard. No two trees can be adjacent, and line of sight is needed in placing. Shadow wood can attack anything in contact with them (except undead) - select the tree to attack.
Magic Fire (Chaos)
Attacks and kills enemy units it covers and randomly spreads across the map
Gooey Blob (Chaos)
Attacks enemy units it covers and randomly spreads across the map. Any unit covered up by a gooey blob will be able to carry on once it is uncovered (except wizards who are killed by gooey blobs)
Wall (Neutral)
Allows four wall blocks to be built near the wizard, which blocks creature's paths, but can be flown over.

Attacking spells

Magic Bolt (Neutral)
Attacks creature it is cast at
Lightning (Neutral)
Attacks creature it is cast at (more powerful than magic bolt)
Vengeance (Chaos,x1)
Allows 1 attack on an enemy creature
Justice (Law, x3)
When cast on a wizard it kills all that wizard's creations if successful. Allows 3 attacks
Dark Power(Chaos,x3)
Allows 3 attacks on enemy creatures
Decree (Law, x1)
Allows 1 attack on an enemy creature

Wizard's spells

Magic Armour (Law)
Gives wizard increased protection from attack
Magic Knife (Law)
Gives wizard increase attack power including undead creatures
Magic Sword (Law)
Gives wizard increase attack power including undead creatures
Magic Bow (Law)
Gives wizard ranged weapon including undead creatures
Magic Wings(Neutral)
Gives wizard ability to fly long ranges
Magic Castle (Law)
Gives wizard building to hide in
Dark Citadel (Chaos)
Gives wizard building to hide in
Shadow Form(Neutral)
Gives wizard increased protection and allows movement of 3 spaces per turn
Law (Law)
Makes the world more lawful
Chaos (Chaos)
Makes the world more chaotic
Raise Dead (Chaos)
Allows reanimation of dead bodies left on screen. Any creatures raised from the dead become undead creatures, able to attack other undeads
Subversion (Neutral)
Realigns enemy creature to your side
Turmoil (Chaos)
Randomly moves all objects onscreen to a different location. Only available from a magic wood
Disbelieve (Neutral)
Allows illusion creatures to be destroyed. This spell has 100% casting chance, and is always available
There are lots of little bugs/tricks in the game,e.g. If you're locked in combat and want to move, press I then the direction you want to move a lot of the time.

If you don't like someone, be player 1, put them player 4, and lightning them on the first go if you have the spell!!! They die before they get a turn!

Ian Coates
London School of Economics (preferred)
Nettverksgruppa, 18/11-94,