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Activision, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard only

Aim of the game

A thousand years in the future, the most popular game in the galaxy is the futuristic soccer-like game of Ballblazer. Strapped into your Rotofoil, you're ready to challenge for the galactic title...

Game play

The action takes place on a bare green and white chessboard- like field, with one goal at each end of the field. The aim is simply to blast the floating Plasmorb (or ball) into the opposing player's goal. Your Rotofoil is like a giant foot that can dribble and kick the ball, thanks to the magnetic field that surrounds it. Rather unsportingly, you can also use this field to "punch" your opponent away. The field traps the Plasmorb when it's in proximity to you and allows you to dribble it. However, this slows your speed (allowing your opponent to catch up). Kicking is slightly tricky - firing the ball results in you flying off in the opposite direction, as per Newton's laws. Your Rotofoil incorporates an onboard computer to make sure that you always point towards the ball and, when you have the ball, towards the correct goal (which should make it harder to score own goals!). You can play against a human or a computer player. A two player game uses a split screen display (player one at the top). Like the one player game, the match lasts three short minutes, at the end of which the player with the most points wins. The number of points produced by a goal depends on how long the shot was; an over the horizon shot is awarded the maximum three points.


"A neat reaction game which somehow doesn't quite come off."


77% (CRASH #28, May 1986)


It's aged quite badly, but it's not a bad game for a quick blast. (The Atari version was rather better, though).


Player 1	   Player 2
--------         --------
Q		      P			Up
A		      L			Down
Z		      N			Left
X		      M			Right
C		   SYM/SHIFT		Fire
H				        Pause
H, then S				Restart

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