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Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

Having survived his awful end-of-term report (in SKOOL DAZE), Eric has returned fresh from his holiday with a nice new forged report. Now he has to get it back into the school safe without being noticed...

Game play

Eric might have forged a glowing report but he's just as much of a tearaway as he was in the first game. He'll need a catapult, stink bomb and water pistol to get through the game, but only has the catty at the start. Teachers roam the corridors, looking for wrong- doing and handing out lines in quantity. Too many lines accumulated means the end of the game. Over the holidays, the new school buildings have been completed. There's now an assembly hall where the headmaster can summon the whole school, and an expanded science lab from which frogs can be obtained. These come in handy in the girls' school just down the road, from where you have to get the key to the safe. You also have a new girlfriend who can be "persuaded" to do some of your lines for you - just use the kiss option... There's also a bike available, but this is padlocked to a tree. You'll need to extract the combination from the teachers, but once the bike is freed you can do some stunt riding! Inevitably, your tasks mean that you'll need to skip some lessons - unfortunately, Einstein the swot is just as sneaky as ever and will inform on you.


"An excellent sequel to an excellent game, bound to please Skool Daze fans".


93% (CRASH #23, December 1985)


A highly enjoyable and (apart from its prequel) a totally original game.


Up			- Q
Down			- A
Left			- O
Right			- P
Fire catapult		- F
Catch mouse/frog	- C
Drop stink bomb	- D
Shoot water		- G
Hit/punch		- H
Jump			- J
Leap			- L
Sit/stand		- S
Throw away water	- T
Write			- W

Nettverksgruppa, 10/9-94,