Instructions for

Action Biker

Mastertronic, 1985

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston

Aim of the game

Released as a part of a promotion between KP Skips and Mastertronic, Action Biker stars a character called Clumsy Colin, who is currently having something of a dream. He must find his friend Marti and take him to a spaceport before he wakes up at 8am.

Game play

Colin's first task is to get some equipment together - add-ons for his bike and suchlike. The more equipment he has the easier his task becomes. For example, his home town is littered with oil slicks which cause Colin to skid. The answer is a better pair of tyres. Out of the 150 houses in the town, only 50 contain anything of value. When you think you have found a useful house you can enter it and, from the bird's eye view on the screeen, examine its contents. Your progress is frustrated by people not being in whem you visit, or if they are they may tempt you with a cup of tea. If you stay you are wasting valuable time! Out on the streets, life is frought with dangers, particularly the other traffic. If you collide with another vehicle, this will lessen the amount of time left for sleep and if you crash too often, Colin will wake up - which means Game Over. Apart from the crash damage you must keep an eye on your fuel. The amount you have is shown on screen, and you can top up in the garages around the town. Scattered around the streets there are also packets of Skips for you to pick up; each one gains you points.


"Very hard to play and unrewarding to boot."


52% (CRASH #19, August 1985)


A seriously bad game.


Left		- N
Right		- M
Accelerate	- A
Decelerate	- Z
Change gear	- SPACE

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