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Bug-Byte, 1984

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

Boris the Bee has been kidnapped by the local ants and locked away inside their nest. His cousin Barnabee (what else?) has however decided to come to his rescue. It's your job to guide him around the maze of the ants' nest.

Game play

Barnabee starts off above ground and must fly to the ants' nest, avoiding the blue birds which kill on contact. Within the nest he must discover Boris' whereabouts and lead his cousin back out of the nest. Boris will follow Barnabee if the two bees are close enough, but Boris has been weakened by his ordeal and so will only follow slowly. Within the nest are lots of ants (as you would expect) and beetles; contact with these will sap Barnabee's strength, but visiting the flowers in the nest will allow him to regain energy. Some flowers also have the property of opening up walls in the maze when they are visited - the wall may not necessarily be on the current screen. In some mazes the walls are weak and will collapse as Barnabee touches them. There are also energy-sapping thorns embedded in the walls of the mazes.


"Original, playable and addictive ... highly recommended."


90% (CRASH #6, July 1984)


A simple but fairly enjoyable maze game. Just don't expect too much from it!


Left		- Q, E, T, U, O
Right		- W, R, Y, I, P
Flap wings	- Z to M
Sound on	- S
Sound off	- A

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