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Design Design, 1986

Written by Chris Owen, HTML'd by Arnt Gulbrandsen.


Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

Aim of the game

As always happens, a gigantic computer in the year 2112 has gone haywire and instead of freeing everyone from menial tasks, it has enslaved everyone using its robots to impose its rule. It's your job to locate the ten pieces of the Switching Code which will deactivate the computer - your only help is a robot dog called Poddy.

Game play

The game uses icons for control, displayed in the bottom right of the screen. There isn't enough room to show all of them, so selecting a particular icon changes all those currently shown. Apart from a Help icon which sends information to the message window when selected, the icons allow the control of Poddy, the carrying and use of various items collected during the game, your current status and game options such as joystick selection. Double clicking of an icon returns you to direct control of your character on the screen. Most of the other characters you encounter tend to be robotic. As these are controlled by the computer they will at the very least try to hinder you and will probably try to injure or kill you. Damage can however be repaired with the first aid kit. To control Poddy, he must remain near you, and this tends to slow you down a bit at first. Also, he must be kept fully powered - power points around the place allow you to do this but if he is neglected, his usefulness witll suffer. Likewise, your main character must also be fed, so it is necessary to look out for food. The game begins in the control room where the Switching Codes have to be placed. To ensure that they are being collected in the right order, when one is found it should be dropped in this room. If it appears in the special cells it is correct. If it falls to the floor it's been returned too soon.


"Good animated adventure."


83% (CRASH #26, March 1986)


A little crude graphically; not a very impressive game now.


Selectable layouts

Nettverksgruppa, 10/9-94,