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Mike Singleton

After learning to program on the ZX80 and ZX81, Mike Singleton graduated to the Spectrum and produced some of the best role-playing/strategy games ever seen on a home computer. His finest hour was undoubtedly the Midnight series, Lords of Midnight and Doomsdark's Revenge (it was originally intended that there would be a third installment, but it never came to fruition). Both games played out on a massive scale - in Doomdark's case, 6,000 locations and 128 characters, almost all of which the player could control.

Mike Singleton moved on to the 16-bit machines in the late 1980s, producing the classic Midwinter trilogy of games. In a tribute to the longevity of his first big hit, in 1995 he produced a remake of Lords of Midnight. Unfortunately it was a seriously flawed game and was not a major success.

(Spectrum only)

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Title Year
Shadowfax 1983
Siege 1983
Snake Pit 1983
3-Deep Space 1983
Lords of Midnight 1984
Doomdark's Revenge 1985
Throne of Fire 1986
Dark Sceptre 1986
War in Middle Earth 1988

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