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Games and Software

The huge user base of the Sinclair computers meant that a vast number of games and other software programs were produced for them - at least 20,000 individual titles. Hundreds of Sinclair tapes are traded on eBay every day - see below.

In addition, the World of Spectrum website has the biggest online archive of Spectrum software in the world. Use the box below to search for titles or go to the WoS Archive page to browse.

Sinclair Infoseek

This engine uses normal `*' and `?' wildcards as well as the regular expression tokens `^' and `$'.
It searches the full WoS and SPOT*ON databases and finds all of program title, book or device name, publisher, producer, programmer and artist name references
Allows you to play all games on-line!
The most comprehensive ZX Spectrum encyclopedia in the world!

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